10 benefits of tracking your Job Posting

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There was a time when posting a job online took a ‘post and pray’ philosophy. There was really no guarantee that your investment in a job posting was reaching any candidates, let alone the right candidates. Technology today allows us to know precisely how an online posting is performing.

At the end of the day, you’re posting jobs online for one reason: you need to hire someone. And the first step of that is making sure your Job Posting is connecting with as many candidates as possible.

Tracking can answer questions like:

  •  Do people click on my job posting? How many?
  • Is my job posting landing in candidates’ search results?
  • How do these numbers compare to other postings in my area and industry?
  • What is the ratio between candidates who view my posting, and those who actually apply?

When you post a job on Workopolis, this information is actually shared with you for free. (Click on Job Performance Details under the reports tab when you log in to your account to see your latest results)

Here are 10 benefits to tracking your Workopolis Job Postings:

1. It’s FREE. So if you’re going to post a job, you may as well get the most for your dollars by monitoring how it performs.

2. Access to detailed metrics offers trust and transparency. It’s showing you exactly how your money is being spent.

3. It will help you improve your Job Postings. We can use your report to figure out what is working, or what might not be.

4. Gage for yourself the impact of an enhancement. If you bold a job or add your logo, you can see the impact this has on candidate response.

5. Watching your progress works! If you see your traffic starting to slow, you can use a Job Extension to flag your job as new again, and watch as your numbers go up again.

6. Comparative information between all your posted positions gives a business insight into overall recruitment strategy.

7. Job Posting Performance Reports are simple, visual, and generally easy to understand, but there are real people available to help understand, and to make suggestions when you need it.

8. Time-sensitive positions can benefit greatly from knowing what kind of a reaction a job posting is receiving.

9. Free benchmarking against industry standards. There’s probably not as many searches for a geophysicist as there are for sales associates. Compare your posting to similar postings in your area and field.

10. You can figure out the key words and messages that attract the kind of candidates you really want, so your postings can improve in the future.
Log in to your Workopolis account to view your full report today. Need help understanding some of the terminology? Try this how-to guide or ask a Workopolis representative.