Infographic: 10 traits of the worst boss ever

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We recently conducted a survey asking how Canadian employees feel about their superiors.

And it’s bad news for many of those superiors. Only half of people like their boss, and half think they could do their boss’s job as well as or better than that boss.

This should serve as a wake-up call for organizations to take a look at their management teams, as a bad relationship with one’s superior is the No. 1 reason employees quit. And unhappy employees cost companies on every level – from morale to productivity to employee replacement.

You can’t afford bad managers.

Here are the descriptors Canadians gave of their worst bosses.

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  • Intelligencia

    My previous job had the “bully” boss. She loved hauling people into her office and tearing a strip off them with the door open so everyone could hear. She’s why I left. My bosses boss was surprised when I handed in my resignation.

  • Alex Jones

    Did not mention narsisistic for some reason?

  • Outtaworktoolong

    Avoid a small business owner who believes that gee-zus personally talks to him. Scary stuff.

  • Jobless_and_Jaded

    Liars, know-it-alls, those who like to ridicule direct reports and humiliate them in front of others, set people up to make them look dishonest/incompetent and, above all, those who enjoy getting physically aggressive — for example, yelling at someone while getting up out of their chair during a meeting, reaching across a table, and grabbing notes and a pen out of direct report’s hands while the person is recording what’s happening. In other words, bullies!!!
    Then there are those who slap the face of a direct report and, ironically, the aforementioned bully told their own direct report about this and then became a grabber.

  • jan smith

    Yes, the micromanaging disrespectful bully all rolled into one. It’s a shame really because this person is going to cost the company many valued employees.

  • Oli_gendebien

    There’s also the absent boss that sends his/her team to meetings and never show up when needed.