How to use job performance tracking

By August 4, 2011Help & FAQ's
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1) Locate your Job Posting Performance Report.

Log in to your account, and request your report. Go to the reports tab and choose job performance details—a simple graph will be will be ready for you within 24 hours.

2) Reveal the results of your Job Posting Performance Report.

An easy-to-digest chart tells you exactly how your  posting performed to date.

  • Searches are a measure of how many times your posting lands on a candidate’s search results page. It’s a good indicator that your job title and description have industry-standard key words that match what job seekers look for.
  • Job Views are the number of times your posting has been read. You can dramatically increase this number by adding a visibility enhancement like a bold, feature or logo.
  • Intention to apply shows candidate interest in your job by measuring activities such as clicking learn more, visiting your website, or opening an e-mail link.

3) Use your results make improvements to your purchase.

Use your activity as a guideline to make improvements and connect with more candidates.

Find out tips, tricks and best practices here. It’s easier than you think to improve your results!