5 things to do now to give better performance reviews later

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By this now, you’ve probably already completed your employees’ performance reviews for the previous year, and are planning to sit down at some point to discuss them. If you find yourself amongst those who “scramble” to write performance reviews at the end of the year, read these five quick tips on what you can do starting now, to avoid the last-minute rush next year.

1. Set goals and objectives
While reviewing the performance review with your employee, you probably identified the main challenges and opportunities they have. As a next step, book some time with them to create a plan to address these challenges and opportunities throughout the year. This could be through taking courses, taking on specific projects, or simply giving them more responsibility in areas they are already strong.

2. Give continuous feedback
Hopefully, you’re already having weekly one-on-one meetings with your employee. Use this time to give feedback – whether it is areas for improvement, or encouragement in activities they’re mastering. Continuous feedback equals continuous improvement, which means that hopefully, over the next few months, you’ll begin to see more growth.

3. Collect the kudos
Keep a special folder in your email inbox dedicated to any accolades, thank you, or kudos your employees receive from colleagues. If the kudos was a verbal one, immediately email yourself what was said and by whom, then store it in this special folder. At review time, you’ll have a collection that you can refer back to.

4. Recognize and reward accomplishments, strengths and improvements
Sometimes, all an employee needs to improve, strengthen, and continue to grow is recognition for their work. It can go a long way. Make sure you let them know when they’re doing a great job, and reward them, even if it’s simply a “thank you” or an email shout out cc’ing the entire team.

5. Let them know exactly how they will be evaluated next review period
Be specific when telling your employee what to focus on for this year to either adjust behaviours, develop, or reinforce strengths to help give them specific, actionable direction.

Last minute reviews can be stressful, and often, the quality of the review suffers when it’s cobbled together at the 11th hour, doing a disservice to yourself and your direct report. These five steps will help ensure a more effective review for the year to come.

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