How to write a better job posting

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Whether you hire on a regular basis or this is your first time, writing an effective job posting is a highly valuable skill.

The key to attracting top talent is a creating a job posting that not only gets noticed, but entices more candidates to apply.

Here are ten easy tips to keep in mind when writing your job posting:

1) Keep your job title simple

“Grand Master Guru”, may be tempting to use, but creative job titles can keep you out of search results. You’ll attract more candidates by keeping your job title as simple as possible. Stick to industry norms that people are likely to use in a job search.

2) Keep the job title short

Sometimes you’ll see a job title that is actually a description of the job. (“GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR DRIVEN INDIVIDUAL!!!”) . This takes away from your company’s credibility, and lowers your ranking in a search result. Think about simple, industry-standard titles, and save the hard sell for your description. If you really want to catch the eye of more candidates, try an enhancement that will really make a posting pop on a page.

3) Put yourself in a job seeker’s shoes

Sounds pretty obvious, but take some time to look at what other companies and competitors say in their job descriptions. Research shows that people don’t look past page four of their search results, so take the time to think about what people logically search for. Workopolis ranks job postings according to keyword matches, so it’s worth the time.

4) Give as much information as possible

Take the time to fill in as many available criteria as possible. These include things like job type, company, location, industry, years of experience, and education level. Answering as many of these as you’re able will help boost your visibility.

5) Compete for the best candidates

A lot of people browsing jobs online are employed, and just window shopping for the right opportunity. It takes more than just an open position to attract these kind of candidates—you’ve got to provide some of the benefits or unique selling points in order to entice that top talent.

What is it that makes your business attractive to a candidate? Is it a unique benefits package; a roster of great clients; an interesting commission package? Employed candidates are looking for those small but meaningful differences in a new opportunity. Even just a sentence or two can make a big difference.

6) Be social media savvy

A company blog, Facebook fan page, or twitter feed can be an easy look into a company’s culture. Even the smallest of businesses have some kind of an online presence, so consider including it so candidates can explore further.

7) Avoid Acronyms and internal language

People respond to clear, easy-to-read language. Avoid acronyms and technical language at all costs. The biggest mistake that people make when writing a job posting is using internal lingo that is unlikely to be understood outside an organization.

8) Define qualifications

Clearly state the necessary qualifications for your job posting such as education, years of experience, or professional certifications. Even better is to create a list that differentiates necessary qualifications from “nice- to-haves”.

9) How to apply

Clearly state how and when a candidate should apply for the position, and provide an application deadline. Be as specific as possible about the details, including the format you prefer to find receive resumes, and note if a cover letter is expected.

10) Proofread your posting

This is the first impression you’re making with candidates, so grammatical errors or spelling mistakes make your business look unprofessional. Proofread your posting twice, read something else, then proofread it again. When in doubt, there is no better spellcheck than a second set of eyes. Ask your colleague or friend to scan it over.