Surprising number of men would leave their girlfriends for a better job

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Would you permanently ditch your boyfriend or girlfriend for the sake of a better job?

Forty-three per cent of men would say sayonara to the girlfriend, according to a new survey by research and consulting organization YouGov. Seems like a lot, no?

The survey, asked people whether they would leave their boyfriends or girlfriends, spouses or partners, parents, or pets behind for a better job, presumably in a new city.

So, note that there was a distinction between “boyfriend/girlfriend,” and “spouse.” And, while 43% of males would ditch the girlfriend, wives are more of a priority, as significantly fewer, 21%, would leave those behind (still, you could turn that around and say “nearly one quarter of men would leave their wives for a better job”). Fifty per cent would leave their pets, and 38% would leave their “elderly parents.”

Man, that is cold.

Women, meanwhile, are slightly less…what’s the word?…oh, yes…horrible.

Thirty-one percent would leave their boyfriend or girlfriend, 14% their spouse, 29% their pets, and 21% their elderly parents.

Meanwhile, 38% of men would temporarily – as opposed to permanently – leave their spouse, compared to 24% of women.

I’m not sure what it says about me that I’m most disturbed by the knowledge that 39% of people would abandon their pets, but I really think that’s shameful and disturbing. There are so many abandoned animals in shelters and in the streets. This just makes me sad.

I’m glad they didn’t ask about children, because I’m a little scared of what the results might be.

It seems men are very practical, if not sentimental.

Another study found that the exact same number of men – 43% – would give up sex rather than give up their jobs.

Here’s an infographic of the YouGov findings:


  • David Gay

    I don’t think this is surprising at all. Families are being separated because the breadwinner has to move out of our wonderful have-not province called Ontari-Owe in order to find work . The scarcity of employment in this Age of Austerity has forced people to make very difficult decisions.

    This is just the beginning of what’s really around the corner.