The Career Website is back (and why you need to invest in yours ASAP)

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It almost sounds counter-intuitive that a career website would encourage employers to develop and grow their own online career portals, but we’d be doing you a disservice by not affirming that all of your online recruitment efforts should ultimately drive back to your homepage and your career site. Here’s why.

Full ownership
There’s no disputing that huge, international career networks, such as LinkedIn, all have their role to play in the hiring ecosystem, but they shouldn’t be at the centre of it, your website should because that’s what you fully control and own: from seeker experience, to creative direction, traffic, branding, and voice.

Employer Branding
First impressions count, and believe it or not, a job seeker’s first impression of you as a potential employer doesn’t happen at the job fair, or at the first interview, it happens when a job seeker is interact with your brand – whether directly through a job posting, on a third party website, or your own career site. How smooth or cumbersome it is to apply, whether or not they receive all the information they were looking for (and more) and whether they could even find the career site from the brand/company homepage will all cause potential candidates to form an opinion of your company and what it’s like to work there.

Be where job seekers expect you to be
A little over 23% of new hires come through a company’s career site, coming in second only to referrals. While social media recruitment is growing, job seekers continue to rely on company career sites. For example, my friend, who is junior counsel at a law firm, recently told me that at least in his law specialty, lawyers aren’t very active on career-based social media platforms like LinkedIn. Ditto goes for jobs that require their employees to maintain a certain level of discretion and privacy, such as certain government agencies, security/law enforcement, etc. Also note that job seekers coming from these kinds of backgrounds maybe not be active on social media, and instead would search jobs directly from your site.

Ownership, stronger employer branding, and capturing more qualified candidates are just a few of the many benefits of creating a robust company career site. A user-friendly, content-rich career site will signal to job seekers and potential employees what makes your company a great place to work and serves as a hub from which to diffuse your employer messaging.