When is the best time to post a job?

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Ever wonder if there is a preferable time to post a job? The day, the time, or even the season?

New research from job distributor eQuest has looked into the days and times that candidates are most likely to apply for a job. According to the research (which is U.S. based, but likely still applicable) there are certain times when job applications spike.

  • Candidates are more likely to apply on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the lunch hour
  • The second strongest period is the after-dinner hour, from 7pm to 9pm
  • Retail Jobs got the most response when posted on Saturdays
  • Healthcare opportunities got the best response on Wednesdays
  • Job Seekers look for jobs on weekends now more than ever. Saturday and Sunday activity jumped by more than 100% from the previous year, indicating job seekers

Workopolis also conducted some of its own research into what time of year candidates are most likely to look for work. Turns out that spring is the time when employers are contacted most by candidates—but only 22% of hiring managers see spring as a peak hiring period.

You can read the entire Workopolis Labour Market Report by downloading it here.