Woman caught job hunting at work in spectacular fashion

Human Resources Management Blonde woman looking sheepish

An Associated Press photo editor made the news this week when she unwittingly made the fact that she was job hunting on the job public.

It looks like Karly Domb Sadof was captioning a photo for the AP while simultaneously crafting a cover letter for a Buzzfeed job, and accidentally cut and pasted a part from the cover letter into the photo caption. Gawker reports that she then sent the caption to all the AP’s newspaper clients across the U.S.

Jobseeking Gaffe

She reportedly caught her error quickly and, a source tells Gawker, sent out a correction.

On the bright side, she looks pretty qualified to be Buzzfeed’s photo essay editor.

It’s not always this easy to tell when one of your employees is actively seeking other work, something you probably would like to know, so you can prepare yourself accordingly – and either start looking for that person’s replacement or do what you can to keep them.

The below infographic, created a few years ago by Mindflash, lists some of the tell tale signs. These include:

    1. Reduced productivity. The employee might already have checked out and become disengaged from their current position.

    2. Dressing nicer. If someone usually comes to work in jeans and t-shirts and suddenly starts showing up all gussied, you would do well to wonder why. They could be going on interviews.

    3. Abnormal requests for time off. They have to go on job interviews sometime. This red flag is obviously even redder if they’re dressing nicer and asking for time off.

See the rest of the signs in the infographic.

The reports don’t say whether Sadof was fired or got in any trouble as a result of her gaffe, but I hope that, if so, she got the Buzzfeed job.


  • N_Y_Moss

    Seem like the same signs that someone is cheating in a relationship.