Workopolis accounts and information secure from Heart Bleed Bug

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There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about a serious global online-security threat known as the Heart Bleed Bug. This rendered web servers that were previously thought to be secure vulnerable to attack. [Find out more about Heart Bleed]

While it is a good idea to change your online passwords regularly for security reasons, we are pleased to say that your Workopolis account and information are safe. It would have been impossible for our site to have been affected by the Heart Bleed vulnerability because we do not provide any external services through an affected security protocol.

For all those people who are spending the next few days updating your online account passwords, here’s a refresher on how to choose strong ones.

Tips for creating secure passwords:

Weak passwords include keyboard patterns such as qwerty or 111111. Phrases such as iloveyou or letmein also make poor choices. Security experts suggest using combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. However according to information security management company SplashData, even numberic substitutions such as “dr4mat1c” can be vulnerable to hackers’ increasingly advanced software.

While completely random combinations like “j%7K&yPx$” can be hard to hack, they are also very difficult to remember. A password that is so complicated that you can’t remember it yourself isn’t very useful either.

SplashData recommends one way to create more secure passwords that are hard to guess but easy to remember is to use short words with spaces or other characters separating them. Rather than using common phrases, they suggest using random words such as , “cakes years birthday” or “smiles_light_skip?”

You should also avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. Keep your online banking password far removed from your Facebook and Twitter sign-in credentials.

SplashData’s annual list of the 25 worst, most obvious or overused passwords of the year:

    1. 123456
    2. password
    3. 12345678
    4. qwerty
    5. abc123
    6. 123456789
    7. 111111
    8. 1234567
    9. iloveyou
    10. adobe123
    11. 123123
    12. admin
    13. 1234567890
    14. letmein
    15. photoshop
    16. 1234
    17. monkey
    18. shadow
    19. sunshine
    20. 12345
    21. password1
    22. princess
    23. azerty
    24. trustno1
    25. 000000

Do any of these look a little too familiar? Click here to visit your Workopolis account and update your password.