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Advertising on Workopolis gives you the ultimate recruitment advantage. We’ll help you choose the option that best suits your business objectives.
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Why advertise with Workopolis?

  • Draw attention to your recruitment efforts
  • Drive traffic to your company website
  • Directly reach a large and engaged pool of candidates

Banner Advertising

Reach a large and diverse audience on the pages on Workopolis. Try a big box ad right on our homepage for the most visible placement we offer.

Email Advertising

Drive traffic to your career site and promote your recruitment efforts via email advertising.
Specifically target an ideal audience directly in their inboxes. Email Advertising options include placements in Job Alerts, Candidate Alerts and Newsletters.

Keyword Advertising

Keyword advertising lets you directly connect your ads to relevant users, based on their behaviour. Your
ad will appear specifically on the results pages of people who enter a certain search term like “nurse” or


Display your ads to relevant users even after they leave Workopolis. Re-targeting keeps your
recruitment message front and centre to window shoppers as they browse other sites online. It’s an
ideal way to target a relevant audience.

Browse Jobs Advertising

Target a relevant audience by advertising on category pages. Options include a leaderboard and skyscraper for each different category page.

Featured Employer

Promote your company and opportunities to a highly-targeted pool of candidates looking for jobs in your field. Being featured will maximize your recruitment results on Workopolis as thousands of candidates will see your advertisement and learn about your opportunities.

Category Domination

Take over an entire Browse Jobs Category so that your recruitment message simply cannot be missed.
Category Domination is a bundled package which includes a category leaderboard, skyscraper, and
Featured Employer, plus a wallpaper that includes your company branding and logos. It’s a high impact package that cannot be missed!

Retail Career Centre

These strategic advertising options offer targeted exposure to thousands of qualified visitors interested
in retail. Don’t miss the Featured Retail Employer opportunity; a unique, high-impact placement that maximizes your visibility to the ideal audience. This is available as part of the Retail Domination Package that turns your recruitment message into a bold statement that cannot be missed.

Candidate Email Targeting

Leverage the Workopolis Resume Database and proactively message candidates who match your specific requirements. Filter your message by area, experience, skills, or other key requirements.
Directly target a large volume of candidates who may meet your recruitment requirements and accelerate your recruitment efforts.

New! Off-site advertising: Reach relevant candidates even when they're not on Workopolis

Search to Social Retargeting

Harness the reach of Google to connect with candidates on Facebook. Specifically target people on Facebook based on their Google search behaviors. Your recruitment ads can appear in relevant candidates’ newsfeeds, along the right rail, or on other pages they visit online while logged into Facebook.

Google Search Companion

Leverage the power of the Google Display Network in conjunction with Workopolis. Use this tool to drive highly-relevant, targeted traffic back to your corporate career website, Job Postings on Workopolis, or other specified location.

Questions? A Customer Service Specialist is here to help.

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Do you need help determining which advertising option is right for your business?

Call 1-888-641-4047 to make an appointment with a Workopolis advertising specialist.

Why choose Workopolis?

  • 56% more traffic than our competitors **
  • Free tools to make hiring easy
  • More than half our visitors are in-demand and currently employed *

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