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Workopolis Training Solutions

We offer our customers many options for acquiring the types of training they need. We provide training in three major categories.

Online Tutorials

Learn at your own speed using our engaging, interactive online tutorials. These tutorials cover a broad range of Workopolis products to ensure maximum return on investment.

Interactive Webinars

Facilitated by our Workopolis Best Practices Consultants, these sessions allow you to ask questions, take notes and return to your company with the right skill set to be successful. Introduction to Job Posting (Wednesday @1PM Eastern Time) After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Post and edit a job
  • Increase the visibility of your posting
  • Explain how candidates search for jobs
  • Share your job through social media
Introduction to Candidate Connect (Wednesday @2PM Eastern Time) After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Explain what is Smart Search and how it works
  • Use refine filters to optimize your searches
  • Understand how to use our additional tools such as: candidate alerts, saved searches, downloading a resume, and connecting with confidential candidates
To register to one of our Open Webinars, simply click on the desired date and complete the registration form. The webinar and conference call details will then be emailed to you.
Month Job Posting Session Wednesday at 1pm Eastern Time Candidate Connect Session Wednesday at 2pm Eastern Time
June June 1st June 1st
June 8th June 8th
June 15th June 15th
June 22nd June 22nd
June 29th June 29th
July July 6th July 6th
July 13th July 13th
July 20th July 20th
July 27th July 27th
August August 3rd August 3rd
August 10th August 10th
August 17th August 17th
August 24th August 24th
August 31st August 31st
September September 7th September 7th
September 14th September 14th
September 21st September 21st
September 28th September 28th

Consultative Training

Ensure that your recruiters have the skills and knowledge they need to implement and maintain the Workopolis infrastructure supporting your business. We will tailor a plan to your learning and performance needs to any skillset. Interested in a setting up a consultative training session with a Workopolis Best Practices Consultant? Send us an email to make an appointment.

Questions? A Customer Service Specialist is here to help.

Call us at 1-888-641-4047 or email us to make an appointment. 

Download and Print

Learn at your own speed using our helpful, easy-to-read training documents.

Getting Started Best Practices

Interested in a webinar?

Send us an email to register for a session, indicating the day and time you would like to attend.