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Hiring shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why each of our solutions was built with you in mind.

Post a job

Workopolis job postings are fully loaded with live training, support, performance updates and optional features to help your posting standout. Plus, they’re easy to create and instantly visible to talent.

Standard 30-day Job Posting

Stays live for 30 days and can be used up to 12 months from date of purchase.

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Recruiter Assisted Job Posting

Finding the right hire takes time. Our Scout specialists define your job criteria, look for the talent you want and screen qualified candidates, so all you have to do is hire.

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Industry Targeted Job Posting

Reach industry-certified professionals and get your job posting in front of qualified talent for roles that can be challenging to fill through with access to our extensive network of industry-specific sites.

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“We were successful in finding a candidate. The process was straightforward and easy to use - always great to be able to speak to a live person when you have a question too.”

Almee RoyCommunications Manager, BaAM Productions

Power Your Job Posting

Give your posting exactly what it needs to get the right kind of attention from people looking for work at a company like yours, and opt-in for extra features that perk up postings to find the right person quickly.

Featured Job

Appear within the top 3 search results of your postings search page for better visibility and a higher chance of getting in front of active and passive talent.

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Video Interviewing

Screen applicants before you decide to bring them in with the convenience of a recorded video interview - a great tool for getting the insight you need on skills and personality.

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Resume Screening

Our specialists also help you find relevant talent by screening resumes for the best fit and then forwarding you their top five recommendations.

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Job Post Writing

Our recruiting specialists help you define job criteria and write a posting that speaks to the talent you’re looking for.

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Company Logo

Highlight your employer brand by including a company logo to help talent recognize that you're an employer of choice among your competitors.

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Job Bolding

Bolded job postings stand-out with up to 19% more views.

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“Workopolis has become a valued partner helping us attract and engage with top talent. They are focused on providing the exact recipe for success tailored to the client's needs.”

Patricia KabongoManager, Recruitment Strategy, Iron Mountain Canada

Build your employer brand

Standout among competitors with a strong employer brand that shows off your company culture, values and mission, and invite people with a similar ambition and set of values to learn more about what it’s like to work at a company like yours.

Standard Branded Job Posting

Get the attention of active and passive talent with a posting that highlights your employer brand and gives people looking for work all the reasons they need to make you their employer of choice.

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Premium Branded Job Posting

Upgrade to get the most out of your posting with your company logo, the option to feature or bold your job, and pique the interest of relevant talent with video and a photo gallery.

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Custom Career Centre

Take advantage of a personalized and visually compelling career page that appears on your company’s website, where all your job postings on Workopolis will be featured.

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“Our company is growing and Workopolis played an important part in making that happen. The quality of applications we received and their focus on customer service definitely gave me the confidence to use Workopolis again in the future.”

Brian BosscherPresident and Founder, Condo Control Central

“Our source of hire report shows Workopolis in 1st place with 1,323 candidates! We have worked with Workopolis for many years and they continue to deliver consistent traffic and quality candidates.”

George KralidisAssistant VP Human Resources, Transamerica

Manage Candidates

Find, screen and hire the right people quickly with a talent acquisition solution that’s built to help track applicants better.

Candidate Connect Resume Database

Tap into our resume database to find local talent with an intuitive search engine that’s easy to use. Search by job title, desired skillset, certifications or industry, and receive notifications when qualified talent becomes available.

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Applicant Tracking System (iCIMS)

Recruit, connect and onboard with a fully customizable applicant tracking system, powerful employer branded marketing tools to recruit passive talent, and automated onboarding software to help transition new talent into productive hires.

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