Video screening

Get to know applicants with a pre-recorded video interview – before meeting them face-to-face.

Workopolis makes video screening easy

Our recruiting specialists build you a customized, pre-recorded video interview, letting you see and hear your candidates in advance, improving your screening, and saving you time.

Video screening

$ 225

per posting*

Send up to 20 personalized applicant invitations!

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Need to interview more than 20 people? Streamline the process with a video screening package.

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Streamline applicant screening in 3 easy steps.

Recruiting specialists help you create relevant questions for the role you’re offering.

Workopolis sends personalized invitations to your selected applicants, who can answer your questions on video.

You receive a shareable link to view all completed video interviews, allowing anyone in your hiring process to screen candidates, easily and quickly.

Add video screening to your hiring toolkit.

Screen more effectively

Up to 70% of applicants complete video interview requests, letting you gauge who’s really interested in your job.

Save time

Users experienced a 50% decrease in assessment time with video interviewing in their hiring process.

Get expert advice

Let our experts help you develop the right interview questions that fit the role you’re hiring for.

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