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Las Vegas Golden Knights

4 management lessons we can learn from the Las Vegas Golden Knights

The Las Vegas Golden Knights have shown that even when starting out you can be successful. Here’s how you can apply their winning approach to your business.

boost employee engagement

8 ways to boost employee engagement for free

It can be hard for small business owners to boost employee engagement – especially on a tight budget. Don’t despair: here are eight ways to do it for free.

manager interview questions

10 interview questions to ask every manager candidate

Hiring a manager? We have a handy little tool to help you identify the candidates with the right traits and skills: a manager interview questions checklist.

employee turnover

The low down on employee turnover

Not all turnover should be feared. In fact, some turnover should be welcomed

How to calculate cost to hire

How to calculate cost to hire (and why it’s important)

Knowing what it costs you to find new talent can have a major impact on the process…and your decisions.

Compensation strategy

5 steps to a compensation strategy that helps your company thrive

Developing a compensation strategy can have a huge impact on your business.

13 traits of amazing managers

The 13 traits of amazing managers

How can you avoid hiring the wrong manager? By looking at the right personality traits and soft skills. Here are 13 traits of amazing managers

intake meeting

Job posting basics: what is an intake meeting?

The first step in writing an effective job posting is to get the nitty-gritty on the position. To get this info, you’ll need an intake meeting.

4 rookie manager mistakes

4 rookie manager mistakes

New managers, take note: here’s a run-down of the four most common rookie manager mistakes to watch out for – and what to do instead.

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