10 interview questions to ask every manager candidate

manager interview questions

This article is based on research for our recent eGuide, How to hire amazing managers.

Last week, we talked about the traits to look for when hiring a manager. This week, we have a handy little tool to help you identify the candidates with these traits and skills, quickly and easily.

To identify candidates with the makings of amazing managers, use the manager interview questions checklist below. You can add additional questions as needed to address the specifics of the role: core competencies, required skills, values, and so on. But these 10 questions will ensure that you’re addressing the crucial traits and soft skills that can help you to identify a star manager.

To evaluate candidates fairly, ask all interviewees the same questions, and consider giving each answer a rating or score out of five to help you easily compare candidates afterward.

Manager interview questions checklist

Remember: for a more in-depth guide to finding and hiring managers with these traits, download our free eGuide: How to hire amazing managers.

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