How do I post a job on Workopolis?

1) Go to the Employer Sign In page on Workopolis and enter your Username and Password.

2) Select the “Post a Job” button.

Posting details

3) Enter the Posting Details: job location, posting dates, language(s) of the job description.

Job details

4) Enter the Job Details: Job Type and Category are
both mandatory fields while Education Level, Salary Range, Years of
relevant experience are optional but may help you target the right

Company overview

5) In the Company Overview section the administrative
user for your company is able to add a description of the company for
candidates to see. This information will appear above the job

Another option in the Company Overview section is to Post Confidentially
– which means that none of the details in the Company Overview section
(name, website, etc.) will be visible the applicants.

Job description

6) The Job Description section is where the body of
your posting and the job title are entered. If you already have a
prepared document you can copy/paste the text into the Job Description
box. For consistent results please be sure to use standard fonts and
bullet styles. Next click Continue at the bottom of the page.

7) The following step – #2: Increase Your Visibility
– will allow you to highlight your position to stand out amongst
competitors. Here you’ll find options to add your Company Logo, Bold
your job, Feature your job, or add your posting to Professional
Association Job Boards (Niche Network).

8) On step #3 you can specify how you would like a candidate to apply to your role. The options are:

a. Online through Workopolis –

      where an Apply Now button will automatically appear at the bottom of your job description for candidates to click on.

b. By Email – where you can enter an email address for candidates to apply.

c. By Another Method – select this option if
specific instructions have already been entered in the Job Description,
such as a fax number or mailing address

9) Click continue for step #4 where you will be able
to preview your posting to ensure that all of the information is
correct. Modifications can be made directly on this page or by clicking
Previous at the bottom of the page to backtrack. Click Complete to post
the job. All of the job details are still modifiable after the job has
been posted except the Job Title and Posting Date.
A Customer Service Specialist is always available to help you with posting a job.

1-888-641-4047 or email us your question.



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