4 convincing reasons to work for small business

Recruiting the best talent can be the ultimate strategic advantage for a small or growing business. But how can you convince top tier talent to come work for a small business? There are several major advantages that small business owners often forget to mention.

Even highly qualified candidates with years of experience in large organizations can see the value in working for a small business. Next time you’re selling your opportunity to someone who you think might be that ideal candidate, don’t forget these points.

  • Less red tape. A necessary reality in a large organization is that things often have to go through many different levels of approval. Projects often have to move through several different departments, followed by several layers of management. The first thing people notice when the work in a small business is the speed of workflow. People have the chance to act on their ideas and make real changes.
  • Collaborative atmosphere. Roles are often defined in a less static manner in a small business. With less people, employees will likely get the chance to work closely with others in a way that just isn’t possible in a big organization. A collaborative atmosphere is a positive place to learn about parts of business outside of someone’s usual specialty. For many, this is a plus point.
  • Value of work. In a small business, there is nowhere to hide. It’s not very likely that someone can coast along simply “showing up” for work. A survey from early 2012 found that 62% of Canadians prefer productivity to be measured by the quality of their outputs rather than the time spent at work, as discussed in this previous Workopolis article. Placing value on actual work done vs. hours in the office is unavoidable in a small business—and many people enjoy that.
  • Room for growth. How long does it take to climb to the top of the corporate ladder in a large multi-national? A small business can give talented and ambitious young professionals a real chance at leadership. Show candidates how much further hard work can take them.

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