5 companies’ HR departments killing it on Twitter

A lot of companies underestimate the power of social media, especially networks like Twitter. It can be hard to break through the noise and make a name for yourself in an over-saturated platform but there are some companies doing it very well. Many have been using social media as a way to attract top talent by showing off their company culture.

There’s not one formula that will work for you immediately; they key to success on social media (as any Social Media Manager will tell you) is trial and error. Experimenting with elements like content, posting times, photos, or video posts will help you figure out what works best for your audience.

Not sure how to get started? We’ve put together a list of some of the best companies killing on social media and making a name for themselves as top employers.

Twitter: @JoinTheFlock

You can’t mention the best companies on Twitter without mentioning Twitter itself! The company has created a unique and catchy handle in an effort to showcase their company culture. Twitter also created a hashtag that they encourage employees to use when discussing company culture: #LoveWhereYouWork. This is the best way to get curated content. The company also does a great job of sharing employee content through likes and retweets, which encourages employees to post more often in the hopes of being recognized for their efforts.

Takeaway: Create a hashtag and encourage your employees to use it. Just make sure to share and like the posts when employees are using it!

Pepsi: @PepsiCoJobs

With a brand name like Pepsi it’s not surprising that their employee account has over 43,000 followers. Scrolling through their twitter feed you can see a mix of current opportunities, employee recognition, and company culture. They regularly have employee takeovers on Twitter as well so you can get a more personalized and behind the scenes look into life at PepsiCo. This is a great way to not only get current employees engaged on your social channels but to leverage new audiences as well.

Takeaway: Elect employees to ‘takeover’ your Twitter account for a day or two. Just make sure to monitor and discuss what they can and cannot say on the social platform when acting as the voice of your brand.

Warner Brothers: @WBCareers

It may be your dream to work for Warner Brothers and have the chance to brush shoulders with the rich and famous of Hollywood, and the company does a great job of building on that allure and reputation. Their Twitter feed introduces new employees by showcasing where they come from and what it is they will be doing. This is a great way to make new employees feel extra welcome while also giving outsiders insight into the different roles at the company. Another great engagement tool to take away from Warner Brothers is their #FunFact Fridays. Every Friday they release an interesting or cool fact about the company. If your company has been around for a number of years or has interesting information to share, why not start something similar?

Takeaway: Highlight employees and their work at the company. Also make an effort to share interesting or fun facts about your company, it’s a great way to build your brand while showcasing what makes your company a top choice for potential candidates.



Microsoft: @MicrosoftJobs

As one of the biggest technology companies in the world it’s no surprise that Microsoft makes this list. At over 74,000 followers, Microsoft has definitely established itself as a top employer. Their tweet style is a mix of education, hiring information, vacancies, and employee recognition. In fact, if you want to land a job at this company, your best bet is to first find and follow them on Twitter. You’ll be able to find tips and tricks that might just help you land work at the company. Microsoft also does a really good job of promoting employees and the projects they’re working on. Doing this on your Twitter account gives employees ownership over the projects they are doing and lets them know their work is appreciated.

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to share your hiring managers’ style or information that might help potential candidates land the job. This is also a good way to determine how much the interviewee researched your company before the interview. Don’t forget to also show recognition for employees that are doing great work, especially ones that completed projects the general public would be interested in.

Spotify: @SpotifyJobs

This online music company has been taking the digital space by storm and providing employees with amazing music to listen to (for free) all day long. There’s no doubt this would be a cool place to work for, which is proven in their Twitter feed! From office ice cream trucks to chocolate fondue parties, they seem to have it all. If you’re looking to attract top talent, your company culture can be an extremely important recruiting tool. We aren’t saying you need to start having office parties every week but make an effort to snap photos of your employees having a good time or doing cool things.

Takeaway: Remember to take loads of pictures the next time you have an office party or outing. Sharing real life experiences usually gets good engagement on social media. Don’t forget to get permission from employees before posting pictures though!

There you have it, 5 great approaches to promoting your company culture internally (and recruiting top talent) through Twitter. What approaches do you use?

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