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This article is based on research for our recent eGuide, How to attract qualified candidates with an engaging career page.

First thing’s first: a career page is crucial to your recruitment process. If we haven’t convinced you of that yet, get some impossible-to-ignore stats here.

Now that you’re a believer, let’s get more specific with a career page feature that can boost engagement, reduce bounce rates, and expand your reach: videos.

In addition to making a more interactive page for job seekers to visit, videos can also help you to communicate your message easier by showing, not telling, what you’re all about. After all, seekers are more likely to press play on a two-minute video than read a 500-word explanation of your company culture or mission.

Here are five amazing career page videos you’ll want to steal – with some tips on how to make them your own.


What it is: The customer experience management software provider has a career page filled with videos, including POV tours of its three offices, testimonials, and more. But the most dynamic of them all is the “We are Medallia” video, a delightfully earnest song-and-dance routine that brings in actual employees and a catchy tune borrowed from The Book of Mormon – with new lyrics, of course (the oft-repeated phrase “this book will change your life,” changes to “this place will change your life”).

Why it works: It’s upbeat, memorable, and very sharable on social platforms – plus, it does a great job showcasing Medallia’s culture and benefits. And we can only imagine all the team-building that took place while the employees were fine-tuning their dance moves.

How to steal it: Use your best resource: your employees. Talk to them about what they love about your company, and how a video could communicate that creatively. If you work with your team to create a video that they’re excited about, it doubles as an engagement tactic.



What it is: A link to Soundcloud’s video is the first thing you see on their career page, and with good reason. The audio streaming platform’s “Join us at SoundCloud” video is a top-to-bottom overview of what the company has to offer: parties, cool sofas, happy people, lots of clapping and laughing, a great value proposition (“transforming the world of music and audio”), and more.

Why it works: Career page videos can sometimes focus a little too much on the fun side. However, Soundcloud neatly pairs shots of mimosas and ping pong with a more in-depth conversation about the company’s mission, and how employees can make a difference. In fact, one of the best moments of the video is when CEO and co-founder Alex Ljung describes the people that work at Soundcloud as “exceptionally talented, really smart, really great people.”

How to steal it: Distill your company mission down to a simple sound bite, and feature it prominently.  Also, don’t be afraid to show how much you value your team – a video with upper management waxing poetic on how much they adore their employees is bound to make an impact on job seekers looking for a place to feel appreciated. Both these components are great for small businesses that don’t have the nap rooms or stocked kitchens to show off.


What it is: The social media platform’s career page includes a “Get to know us” section, with four videos of employees discussing what makes Pinterest a unique place to work (complete with a few of their favourite pins underneath).

Why it works: The simplicity of the videos – white background, no background music, no video navigation – makes them feel like one-on-one chats with the employees. This personal, intimate approach encourages users to linger longer on the page.

How to steal it: When it comes to employee testimonial videos, don’t feel like you need to get too fancy with the production value – let the message speak for itself. A simple interview against an uncluttered background can offer an earnest look at what makes your company a great place to work.


What it is: The inbound marketing company’s career section includes separate pages for each department, complete with employee spotlights, fun traditions, and testimonials. But each department also has something a little different: a-day-in-the-life video that offers a POV look at one employee’s comings and goings from morning to night (the marketing department’s Matthew Watkins’ video even includes breakfast with his daughter).

Why it works: Rather than going big-picture with its message, these videos offer an actual look at what it’s like to work at Hubspot on a daily basis – commute and all. Seeing how teams meet, what workstations look like, and even how people enter the building, goes a long way in helping potential candidates picture themselves working there.

How to steal it: Look to the details. It’s easy to get bogged down in communicating your mission and mandate in a career page video, but you want to paint a picture of everyday life as well. Spend some time wandering around your office with fresh eyes, or even tour the space with someone who has never seen it before. Note what they respond to and what seems interesting to them – these little details are worth including in the video in some way.



What it is: There are a few specialized videos on the e-commerce company’s career page, but one that really caught our eye features Shopify’s Hack Days, a 48-hour hackathon that takes place every three months. The video includes interviews with employees, anecdotes from past events, as well as footage of a hackathon from start to finish.

Why it works: Yes, it’s a very specific part of the Shopify employee experience, but going through the full Hack Days process shows off the company culture, the enthusiasm of the team, and even the gorgeous office space. It also differentiates the company from its competitors by focusing in on an offering that they’re less likely to also have.

How to steal it: Rather than covering off everything your company has to offer, consider using video to showcase something that your company does that is unique or particularly exciting. It could be your weekly all-hands meeting where you award gift cards to superstar employees, for example, or maybe an annual volunteering effort. Choose something that sets you apart, and focus on that.


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