6 cool workplace wellness programs

Hootsuite's wellness program

It makes good business sense to keep employees healthy. In fact, it can save companies over $250 a year per employee, according to Sun Life and Ivey Business School’s massive ongoing survey into ROI in Canadian corporate wellness programs. There’s a wide range of possible programs and initiatives – everything from on-site yoga studios to stocking fresh produce – but the benefits are consistent: reduced sick days, lower medical costs, improved productivity, and, in general, a more positive vibe in the office.

Here are 6 great examples of workplace wellness programs.

Bandwidth's wellness program

Bandwidth’s fitness lunch

The communication technology company’s 90-minute “Fitness Lunch” gives employees enough time to work out and refuel during work hours. There’s a green space outside and an on-site gym, but employees also get a free membership to a larger facility ­– complete with shuttle service. Plus, there are plenty of special events, like annual dodgeball tournaments.

Morneau Shepell’s Olympic ambassadors

Morneau Shepell is the Mental Health Partner of the Canadian Olympic team, so it makes sense that its wellness program is led by Olympic athletes. The Getting Your Gold program connects employees with “elite athlete ambassadors” to inspire and encourage their growth. An online platform engages employees in Olympic-themed challenges that focus on fitness, nutrition, sleep and mental wellness.

Zappo's wellness program

Zappos’ Wellness Adventures

With a holistic approach to employee wellness, Zappos’ offerings include onsite fitness and yoga studios, a ping pong table, a mini putt course, and a nap room, as well as its Wellness Adventures, where a coordinator takes smaller groups on mini jaunts to activities like laser tag or trampolines.

Google NY microkitchen, part of its wellness program

Google’s nap pods and micro kitchens

There are onsite wellness and healthcare clinics, gyms and fitness classes, and micro kitchens with healthy food at most of Google’s offices. But the Mountain View headquarters – also known as the Googleplex – has wellness offerings to match its sprawling proportions; seven fitness centres, two organic veggie gardens, and nap pods, to name just a few.

Microsoft’s all-inclusive health centre

The Washington campus has everything from a day spa to a library of sports equipment that employees can check out when they need a little bocce ball break. Plus, the on-site Living Well Health Center has a walk-in clinic as a well as acupuncture, massage, nutritionists, radiology, physical therapy, an eye clinic, and more.

Hootsuite's wellness program

Hootsuite’s organic garden

The Vancouver startup grows organic vegetables and wheatgrass on its Vancouver roof and supplements the haul with a delivery of local fruit and veggies every week. There’s also a cabin-themed nap room (complete with wood-lined walls and a mountain sunset in the fake windows), as well as a yoga studio and in-house gym.

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