6 podcasts all #smallbiz people should be listening to

small business podcasts

Podcasts speak to almost anything you can think of. Whether you’re looking for fellow cake enthusiasts, need advice (on just about anything), feel like laughing until you can’t anymore, or you’re running a small business – there’s a podcast out there just for you.

Of the many programs devoted specifically to the plight of the entrepreneur and the small biz world, we scoped out a handful that should definitely be a part of your daily regimen.

Here are 6 small business podcasts, handpicked for every entrepreneur that’s mastering the art of thriving and surviving in the competitive small biz space.

Mixergy is hosted by Andrew Warner. Through interviews with fellow entrepreneurs, he connects small biz owners with compelling and relatable stories. These businessmen and women highlight the success and struggles faced while trying to establish and grow their ventures, meeting Mixergy’s mission to “convince you that no single person knows it all…and the best way to grow is to learn from a mix of smart people who are willing to share their expertise and experiences.” Listen here.

Entrepreneur on Fire is an award-winning, daily podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas. It has a younger vibe, bouncing to a Q&A like rhythm where guests share stories focusing on every day issues like productivity, money management and pivotal moments. Capturing the daily grind of a small business professional and the essence of what is to live and breathe entrepreneurially, Dumas also brings light to the new, younger generation of do-it-yourselfers tapping into the small biz market. Listen here.

Home Work is different because it isn’t exclusively geared toward entrepreneurs. It targets people who work from home, which includes freelancers and telecommuters. It’s especially great if you’re new to the small biz world. With advice on everything from how to deal with your first client, to helping you sort through a million emails, to reminding you that a packed inbox and phone ringing off the hook are signs of success. Listen here.

The Tim Ferris Show is hard not to include on this list, because he’s basically world-famous and his podcast has been ranked #1 on many occasions – and that’s not even limited to this genre. Naturally, his fame and fortune attract other influential social figures and pop culture people – many of whom he deconstructs in an effort to breakout the tools and tactics small biz people can adopt and adapt to achieve and amplify success. Past guests include actor-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the President of Pixar, Ed Catmull. Listen here.

Boiling Point Podcast is led by filmmaker Greg Hemmings and Dave Veale, who is the founder and president of Vision Coaching Inc. It’s “a podcast for the ever-evolving entrepreneur and forward-thinking movement pioneer…Meant to inform and inspire positive change in businesses and the world.” If that doesn’t make you want to listen, I’m not sure what else could. The duo taps into small biz leaders and thinkers, and carries an aspirational vibe that’s akin to a friendly support group. Listen here.

Six Pixels of Separation features Mitch Joel, President of Mirum – a digital marketing agency that operates in nearly 20 countries across the world. He’s basically seen as a marketing and communications guru and is a regular speaker, blogger and author who sheds light on how to transform your business. He’s a member of the prestigious Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 and an author of a variety of books pertaining to everything under the sun when it comes to innovation. Listen here.

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