6 reasons to hire millennials on contract

Millennials are bringing fresh talent and ideas to the table.

With new perspective, technological know-how, and the desire to define a career by purpose, the latest addition to the workforce are a great investment when it comes to hiring. They’re also who you should be thinking about if you’re looking for temporary employees or contractual work.

Here’s why:

They’re more open to contract work. While generations past looked for full-time work with benefits and perks, millennials are increasingly open to jumping between projects and companies for a breadth of experience. They’re also much  more likely to take on short-term projects and side gigs, which makes for a great addition to your roster of contract workers.

They’re tech-savvy. This is the first generation that’s been born into a world where technology is evolving at such a quick pace, with no choice but to keep up. Millennials are early adopters of some of the most advanced tools that your business will require in order to stay ahead of the competition.

They value experience and development. While contract work is generally seen as cost-effective, younger millennials are often more motivated by the prospect of learning experience and professional growth. If you’re offering an opportunity that is going to forward their career and teach them a ton, a leaner paycheque is less likely to deter them from taking the job.

They’re happy to put in the work. In addition to being born into a technologically advanced age, millennials have also had the unfortunate luck of coming into adulthood and entering the working class during difficult economic times. They’re aware of the competition that exists in today’s job market, making them a very diligent and hard-working  generation of workers.

They like flexibility. While traditionalists may not believe in shorter work days, millennials are much more open to flexible work schedules. As digital natives, they tend to veer away from the idea that work has to be done at an office, and will often look for opportunities to work from home (or any other space that lets them get their job done).

They want to be a part of something meaningful and they’re more vocal about it. With social media heightening their sense of community and connectivity to their peers, millennials are all about working together for a purpose. They’re looking for meaningful work that will motivate them and give them the experience they need. They’re also more vocal about their ideas and concerns, which means they’re more likely to express themselves when it comes to what may or may not benefit your organization.

Millennials have a lot to offer your company, whether big or small. So the next time you’re looking to hire on contract or for a short-term project, take a look at our latest report on How to Win More Millennial Talent.


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