7 key traits of Generation Z employees (and how to manage them)

By September 13, 2017 Management & HR, See all
Generation Z employees

Only a short while ago, companies were adapting their culture and structure to accommodate that elusive new generation taking over the workforce: millennials.

But fast forward only a few years, and there’s a new generation to worry about.

Generation Z (a.k.a. Gen Z or iGen) comprises, according to most experts, individuals born after 1996 to the present – which means that the older segment has already turned 21 years old and are starting to enter the workforce.

And while some might be quick to lump Gen Z and millennials into one big category of “younger workers,” there are actually a lot of differences between them. And learning those key differences is crucial to companies welcoming this new generation of employees into their workplaces.

For example, compared to millennials, Gen Z is more competitive, with a do-it-yourself mentality, with 69% of them preferring to have their private workspace instead of sharing it with someone else. But that’s just the start.

Luckily for us, Novorésumé recently did a deep dive into what Gen Z employees are looking for. Check out this infographic to get a crash course on the key traits of Gen Z workers – and, more importantly, how you can use these traits to keep them productive and loyal.

7 key traits of Generation Z employees (and how to manage them)


Andrei Kurtuy is the Co-founder & CMO of Novorésumé, a resume writing firm in Copenhagen.

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