6 ways the Recruitment Centre helps you screen applicants

Recruitment Centre

At Workopolis, we want to help you find the best applicants – and make the right hire. And we wanted to introduce you to a tool that can make this a lot easier: the Recruitment Centre.

The Recruitment Centre is an all-in-one dashboard to help you keep track of postings and applicants – and it’s free to all Workopolis customers. When you purchase a job posting with Workopolis, you get free access to the Recruitment Centre to post jobs, manage applicants and postings, and search thousands of resumes – in one convenient place. And did we mention it’s free?

Here’s a run-down of everything that the Recruitment Centre can do – and, most notably, how it can streamline your screening process.

Manage your job postings

Whether you’re posting one job or 1,000, you can track everything from one place through the Recruitment Centre. You can also access past postings and prepare future ones to deploy as soon as openings at your company arise.

recruitment centre

View resumes

Rather than clutter your inbox with resumes, use the Recruitment Centre to collect them. The applicant resume viewer uploads each application as an online PDF, and lets you view resumes in their original formatting and layout. From there, you can download resumes, and even email candidates directly.

Recruitment Centre

Monitor posting performance

Keep track of how each job posting is performing quickly and easily. See the number of times each posting has been viewed by seekers, and the number of applications you have received.

Sort and track applications

As the applications come in, you can pare down the longlist by sorting them as “yes,” “rejected,” or “maybe.” Then, the applicant status feature allows you to rank where candidates are in the hiring process. Move individuals through the process with updates like “interviewed,” “sent offer,” and more to ensure you stay organized.

Recruitment Centre


Expand your search

Not getting enough interest from your job posting? The Workopolis Resume Database is home to millions of qualified seekers ready to be found. Save searches and set up candidate alerts to get newly-uploaded qualified resumes sent to your inbox every morning.

Recruitment Centre

Read industry news

Stay up-to-date on HR and recruitment news with the “latest news” widget, which shows off the latest and greatest from the Workopolis blog, as well as updates on new Recruitment Centre features and enhancements.

Remember: we’re always developing the capabilities of the Recruitment Centre’s intuitive interface, making it more flexible and even easier to use. So check back often for updates and tips on how to use the Recruitment Centre to streamline your hiring process.

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