Office design tips for happy, healthy workers

Your employees are bound to get frustrated once in a while – it’s only natural. A co-worker gets on their nerves, a big project gets dumped on their lap, a client is unhappy about some detail or another.

But have you thought about how the space around them – your office – might be contributing to their frustration?

In fact, for a majority of workers, the design of their workspaces (including the colour, lighting, and furniture arrangement) influences how they feel – and how productive and creative they are.

However, there’s good news: while you might not be able to add windows or move walls, there are other changes you can make to your office design to promote a happier work environment.

Cubicle Concepts put together this infographic with tips to help you tweak your office design – and get happy, healthy workers as a result:

Office design tips infographic

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