How to get more qualified applicants

how to get more applicants

To help you optimize your job postings and hiring process, Workopolis has analyzed over 450 thousand job descriptions, 150 million job searches, 49 million job views, and eight million job applications (don’t say we’ve never done anything for you).

So what did we find?

The best time to post a job

Job seekers were most active on Mondays and in the month of January, making these the most effective time periods for job views and applications. Employers, however, most frequently post jobs on Thursday and in the month of September.

“By posting jobs in January instead of September, employers can expect up to 33 per cent more job views and 22 per cent more applications. The same kind of improvement can be expected by posting on Mondays, with up to 15 per cent more job views and 20 per cent more applications,” says Marsha Forde, director of human resources at Workopolis.

“We also discovered that job seekers are more likely to apply to new job postings. In fact, after a job has been posted for three days, 45 per cent less seekers will engage with it,” she says.

Job titles and qualifications matter

Timing, however,  is not the only factor in the success of a job posting, as titles and qualifications also had an impact.

“Standard job titles and industry-specific keywords performed better than those with creative, harder to find, titles. Job postings with less qualifications also performed better. The takeaway for employers who are writing job descriptions is to clearly state what is mandatory and what is nice to have. Too many mandatory skills will scare people away,” Forde says.

Seekers are looking for part-time work

The analysis also found that searches for “part-time” have almost tripled in the last five years, with searches for “work from home” doubling year over year.

“Young workers are looking for flexible work schedules, and for certain jobs, you can generate more applications by offering these kinds of perks and work options,” Forde says.

To help you keep track of all this, we’ve put together this handy infographic.

Get more applicants to your job posting

For more on how to optimize job postings, please see the full Workopolis report here.

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