Leave candidates with a memorable experience to attract top talent

Offering a great candidate experience

Recently, we talked about why your small business needs a recruitment process – even if it’s a simple framework to help you organize an effective and speedy hiring process.

Today, we’re talking about how this hiring process informs the candidate experience, and what you can do to make a great impression on top talent.

So, how exactly should you be treating potential new hires? The simple answer is, like valued customers. A positive, memorable candidate experience is key to ensuring you attract the type of talent you want to hire and keep at your company.

If you find your current brand isn’t connecting with talent quite the way you pictured it would, here are some things to consider as you rethink and revamp your candidate experience.

Is your website well-designed and responsive?

Think about giant consumer brands that are the go-to for their target market. Nike, Coca Cola, Apple. If you were applying for a job at one of these brands, your first inclination would be to visit their websites, which offer a seamless experience whether you’re a customer purchasing a product or a job seeker wanting to learn more about their business. Mirroring your consumer brand, to some degree, is necessary to transfer the way a job seeker may already be connecting to you.

How long is your application process?

Talk to job seekers who are applying (many on-the-go,) and most will tell you they enjoy being able to apply in one, simple click – maybe an extra click to attach a resume. Longer application processes are pretty much just like super long line-ups at your favourite store. Unless you’re getting an amazing deal, you’ll go somewhere else that saves you time. If a job posting isn’t appealing enough to go through a long application process, you’re more likely to lose a handful of potentially great applicants.

How do you handle rejection?

Keep in mind that even those candidates that don’t make it through to the very end of your hiring process are your future employer brand ambassadors. It’s important to treat all applicants as one and the same – valued. Job seekers appreciate being treated with professionalism at every stage of the hiring process.

Deciding not to get back to someone simply because they didn’t make the cut isn’t top employer behavior, and neither is waiting too long before you respond with a decision. Stay in touch and be transparent, because talented people are likely to refer you to their equally talented friends and colleagues if they’ve had a positive experience, whether they got the job or not.

Your status as a top employer has the power to attract the type of talent you require for your organization to grow and achieve success. A well designed, intuitive website that is functional and beneficial to today’s job seekers, and an effective application process that values a candidate’s time are essentially the equivalent of stellar customer service. Combined with a clear communication strategy that ensures all talent is treated equally, these tools are easy to implement and will help your company stand out.

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