The 12 office blunders of Christmas

Office holiday blunders to avoid

Do you think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year? Not everyone shares your point of view. In fact, for some,  So no matter how excited you may be about the holiday season, you need to be aware of your co-workers.

Let’s count down the 12 common office holiday blunders to avoid this year.

12. Noisy desk decorations

It’s nice when people take the time to spruce up their cubicles and take part in the Christmas season. It’s not so nice if everything someone walks past you Mrs. Claus bellows a “ho-ho-ho…..Merrrrrry Christmas”. Avoid any kind of animated or noise-inducing Christmas decoration.

11. Seasonal scramble

Hustle and bustle isn’t so fun on Christmas morning. We understand the year-end rush to meet numbers and get things done, but don’t be that disorganized mood-killer of a person that dumps things on people at the very last second.

10. Scrimping like Scrooge

Most companies pick this time of year to team up with a local charity or non-for-profit. If you haven’t done something like this, consider a last minute change of heart. Employees expect it, and it’s the time of year most people donate a little more.

9. Too many parties

A little Christmas cheer is nice. A little too much is torture. If you’re seeing events for each team, then each department, then for the company as a whole, it might be too much. It’s quality, not quantity.

8. Sexy Santa

I have been flabbergasted to see his or her appearance at more than one office Christmas party. Just don’t go there. Ever.

7. Not letting employees leave early

If Christmas Eve falls during the week (as it does this year) have a heart and let people leave mid-afternoon. It’s Christmas Eve. Is there anything that cannot wait for a couple of days?

6. Assuming nobody is working

So many people take vacation days during that stretch between Christmas and New Year’s that some managers are inclined to see the entire period as a write-off. Not true. I get some of my best work done during those quiet Christmas hours in the office. Acknowledge those that are working hard during the holidays.

5. Sleeping with your employees

Work holiday parties are notorious for canoodling colleagues. One recent survey found that 62 per cent of staff admitted that they had kissed a co-worker and 31 per cent admitted that they have slept with a co-worker at the holiday party. Shocking as this is, it is infinitely worse if you are a manager.

4. Junk food overload

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid the piles of gift baskets that start to accumulate around the office. Keep in mind that it’s a pretty well-documented fact that excessive amounts of sugary sweets cause blood sugar to dip – and productivity to plummet.

3. Excessive gifting

Don’t be that person that makes everyone else feel awkward with their extravagant gifts. Small, “it’s-the-thought-that-counts” items are the way to go for work. The exception is company-purchased presents that department heads sometimes get for their teams; employees appreciate those.

2. Cancelling the Christmas bonuses

Want to truly spread some cheer? Give a Christmas bonus. They keep workers happy and improve employee retention, as we discuss here.

1. Being the Grinch

There’s always that one miserable person that never cracks a smile the entire Christmas season. Promise yourself that you won’t be that person. It’s especially important for the people who work for you, and want to start the New Year with a positive energy.

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