What does talent want?

I think it was Andy Warhol who said, “As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.”

Thanks to the wondrous internet, people looking for work have access to all kinds of information about their potential employers. So before they even start to look for opportunities they’re thinking, what does this employer have to offer – and is it what I want? Also known as, will it make me happy?

Maybe the Warhol reference is a little abstract, but what I’m getting at here is, people used to be more consumed with landing a job. Now, they want a job at a company that entices them to commit long term. Depending on who you are, that could mean anything. So it’s a candidate-led market, and that tells us a couple of things.

One – maybe the tables have turned a little.

Two – it couldn’t hurt for you to be aware of what keeps your current (and potential) talent happy and motivated.

Three – one and two make a whole lot of sense because career choice is a pretty big life commitment.

Check out Visually and LinkedIn’s findings when it comes to knowing what your best employees want most from their jobs.


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