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hiring for fit

4 tips to hiring for the right fit

How do you stick to your brand values? Hire amazing employees that live and breathe them. Here are four tips to hiring for fit

Getting buy-in for your new compensation plan

3 steps to get buy-in for your new compensation plan

It’s time to tweak your compensation plan – but first you need to get the C-suite on board. Get buy-in for your new compensation plan in three easy steps.

recruitment jargon

Recruitment jargon you’ve heard (but might not understand)

Here’s a compendium of all the hiring and recruitment jargon that you keep hearing – but might be too afraid to ask about.

Free manager tools

5 free manager tools you can start using today

We gathered some of the best free manager tools, templates, and resources to help you stay organized, and get stuff done. And did we mention they’re free?

Boosting employee morale in the winter

How to keep employee morale up in the winter

To prevent an outbreak of the winter doldrums at your workplace, try these methods to keep employee morale up through to spring.

How to stop micromanaging

How to stop micromanaging

If you discover you’re THAT manager, don’t panic: there are ways to reprogram your approach. Stop micromanaging in two easy steps.

sexual harassment complaint

What to do when an employee makes a sexual harassment complaint

Do you know what to do if an employee makes a sexual harassment complaint? You should. Here’s everything you need to know.

Recruitment Centre

6 ways the Recruitment Centre helps you screen applicants

The Recruitment Centre is an all-in-one dashboard to help you track postings and applicants – and it’s free to Workopolis customers. Here’s how it works.


How Shopify finds and fosters talent

Anna Lambert, Shopify’s director of talent acquisition, on how finding and fostering the right talent has contributed to the company’s steady growth.

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