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Office holiday blunders to avoid

The 12 office blunders of Christmas

As we jingle our way through the Christmas season, it’s important to keep certain principles in mind when it comes to the office. Here are a few common seasonal slip-ups to avoid this year.

The best way ever to stay focused at work

Puppies, kittens, and cute baby animals: why is it we like looking at them so much? Turns out it really could be good for us. Research has found that looking at pictures of baby animals actually increases productivity. Find out why.

3 quick tricks to get more done at work

Daylight savings meant we all set our clocks back for a much-needed extra hour this weekend. Finding more time (and getting more done) can be easier than you think — try these three tips to help your workplace stay productive.

Bosses who bully: Why do mean managers never get fired?

Mean managers who get results from their team are often left alone. Could it be causing more harm than we think? A survey reveals the opinions of HR about bosses who bully — and how to deal with jerks in the workplace.

4 convincing reasons to work for small business

Recruiting the best talent can be the ultimate strategic advantage for a small or growing business. But how can you convince top-tier talent to come on board? Here are four major selling points small business owners often forget.

Good news for the under-qualified: Beta candidates make better hires

New research shows that hiring the lesser qualified candidate instead of the super star talent might actually be a better choice for companies over the long run. Here’s what the findings reveal.

The single most important thing to remember when interviewing a candidate

There are so many things on your mind when you need to hire, it is easy to forget one very important principle. Find out why treating candidates like customers can help boost your business.

What you don’t know about the people who work for you

We’ve all seen the disconnect that can happen between management and employees. To truly get the best work from the people you employ, you need to understand their perspective. Here are a few universal truths about employees.

The eight email mistakes that people hate the most

A new poll has determined the work email behaviours that most get on people’s nerves. Adding inappropriate terms of affection and kisses to emails are the worst offenders. What else is infuriating readers?

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