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3 things a candidate wants to know (but probably won’t ask)

Ever wonder what a candidate is thinking during an interview? Here are three things that a great candidate will want to know, but might not ask.

What you can learn from bizarre interview questions

Good candidates today come prepared for an interview, thanks to the resources we have online. So how can you get beyond the surface layer? This recruiter uncovers a candidates personality by asking unusual questions. Find out why.

The cost of talent: How expensive are Canadians?

A new report on the cost of talent in 2012 has just been released, detailing the salary expectations of workers entering the job market worldwide. Canadian workers aren’t the anticipating the highest pay, but we’re near the top. How expensive are we?

Happy employees linked to higher profits

It’s no secret to the HR managers of the world. But for those in management or running their own businesses, ‘employee engagement’ might not be something high on the agenda. Turns out, it really should be. Do happy employees really mean higher profits? This study says yes – find out why.

5 easy ways to get more job applications

With all the information we take in online, you want to make sure that your recruitment message is reaching the right people. Here are five easy ways to make sure your Job Posting receives as many applications as possible.

What do employees really want?

High performing employees always have options. So what is it that causes loyalty to an employer? Research shows a few simple things will keep those superstars right where they are.

Finding the 'wow' factor in customer service candidates

What is it that makes a customer service employee really excel? We all have a calling job-wise and for some, customer service is it.Recruiter Julie Labrie offers targeted interviewing strategies to help you find those stand-out customer service candidates.

Taking another look at the hard-to-fill job

A hard-to-fill job can be especially frustrating. Recruiter Carmine Palazzo takes a look at what makes some jobs so tricky to fill, and what you can do to make it easier.

Study: Why the majority of working Canadians are stressed on the job

A recent study found that six out of ten working people in Canada are most stressed out by their job situations. Find out who is feeling the most anxiety and what their biggest concerns are.

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