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Job Posting Enhancements

Capture the attention of more candidates with simple visibility enhancements to your job posting. Increase your chances of finding that ideal candidate.

Reach more candidates with simple visibility enhancements

  • Dramatically increase traffic to your job posting.
  • Stand out from similar postings on a page.
  • Reach a higher volume of candidates in a shorter time period.

Featured Job

Stand out on search results pages with a Featured Job and get noticed first.

Entice more candidates to click on your job posting by placing it at the top of search results for seven days.

Bolded Job

 Make your job posting pop on a page. Bolding your job posting draws increased attention, so you get 83% more views than a non-bolded job*.

Bolded Jobs on a search results page are virtually highlighted in the eyes of candidates.


Job Extension

Reach new candidates first.  A Job Extension  instantly flags your job posting as new again for job search results. It also triggers a Job Alert email –sending your job posting to candidates who specifically request to be notified of new opportunities.

See the results for yourself. Your Job Posting Performance Report gives you direct access to the results of your enhancement.
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* Internal data
** Comscore, 2012
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Enhancement Pricing

 Bolded Job
 Featured Job
 Job Extension

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